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David Thurlow Official Online Gallery

"They Pretend to be Elsewhere"

David Thurlow



Thomas Dolby

artist, musician, writer, composer, entrepreneur Thomas Dolby Robertson

photo by Joyce Tenneson


::: photo album :::





with my ferret Ramirez (one of many) over my shoulder!

with my mohawk; eating squid and reading a comic book in front of one of Dave's paintings, shortly after Dave and I were married in November 1991.

at the Canadian Goose fountain at Niagara Falls 1998


Relaxation 2000!

at Buttermilk Falls near Ithaca, NY


with some of my favorite things, 1998... my cello, my skanky pink roses skirt that I'll never throw away, and the work of Jhonen Vasquez on my t-shirt
New Photos
(updated 07~01)
all photos by David Thurlow ~ 2001
Edinburgh, Scotland
In June 2001 Dave and I visited Edinburgh, Scotland. More images of the city are to follow, as I'm working on a re-design of my personal photo gallery so it's more streamlined... but for now, here I am hanging around in the gorgeous city of Edinburgh. Behind me is the formation known as Arthur's Seat, which is comprised of the remnants of a long-extinct volcano. (I'm still researching it now, but I think the exposed rock that you see is Salisbury Crag Sill) This is the gorgeous view that greeted us each day as we came down our street and headed toward the Cybercafe and the city center.


my arrival in the UK!

I've just spent a very sleepless 36-hours travelling on various buses and planes... By the time we got to London I began passing out asleep just about every time I sat down. Here I am sound asleep by the Thames, in a little park right next to the House of Parliament. (zzzzzz.....)
We're awaiting our overnight coach to Edinburgh.


my departure from the UK!

Waiting for our plane to begin boarding, sitting on the floor outside one of Heathrow's bookstores, where I'm drawn out like a plot...


Cascadilla Gorge ~ Ithaca NY

There I am.. in the little stone alcove at the top of the stairs. See me? :) This photo shows the enormous scale of one of the many gorges and waterfalls of Ithaca, NY.. Cascadilla Gorge runs down one side of the Cornell University campus. This gorge is the place that sparked my current interest in geology, while visiting Cornell for a series of technical workshops last year.


I'm looking for fossils, at right.... a little further down river, but looking back toward the high falls.


Dave and I at Cascadilla Gorge (a little blurry but it's one of the rare ones with Dave in it)



and finally... in front of the wonderous new shop called Spirit and Kitsch on the Ithaca Commons! This was at our grand opening, May 2001... and even Marilyn Monroe was psyched enough to show up (see her through the glass? :) Dave and I help to operate the shop and we have our artwork here on consignment. A link to the official Spirit and Kitsch website coming soon!!


oh wait.... there's Dave!!

In Case You Were Wondering

who am I: a lifelong visual artist who is inspired by music, acting, writing and the more poetic aspects of the sciences

stats!: Gemini with a strong Cancer rising & Aries moon - which I think means I'm a happy-go-lucky, introspective bundle of nervous energy (??) and sometimes leads to lots of CONFUSION! :) Just take me out to a nice dark club somewhere with some powerful music & I'll be fine...

favorites: my all-time best friend & husband Dave, who has been my greatest supporter and constant creative inspiration; my wonderful friends who are always inspiring me and making me laugh; open-minded people; bravery; all animals; sci-fi and horror literature and films (fantastic genres for creative people to have their ideas viewed from an entirely different perspective); expressive/surrealistic art; the psychology of alchemy, tarot, astrology, religion, dream interpretation and symbolism.

what do I do when I'm not surrounding myself with ferrets: I make and restore early music instruments, violins, violas and cellos (and dream of making my own bass one day...) and am currently working in the Preservation department of the library at the State University of New York, where I'm also pursuing training in bookbinding and restoration. I'm working toward completing my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Binghamton as well, but I'm unsure of my concentration at this point (which is very bad..!) I love singing, learning to play drums, painting portraits of my friends, writing, and studying historical embroidery techniques/quiltmaking. Whenever I have the time to spare, I have fun teaching myself how to make my own clothes and costumes. To make this into an even more painful experience than necessary, I sometimes try to work from vintage patterns - though "Very Easy Vogue" and "Simplicity" are way more my speed at the moment.

I manage Alloy, a discussion list for fans of musician and composer Thomas Dolby Robertson. The link beneath Thomas' photo will lead you to more information and the Alloy mailing list FAQ, as well as a developing gallery which showcases Alloy's members worldwide.

page last updated july 19, 2001
Robin Thurlow